Gartner’s Second Annual Professor Day

Gartner’s Fort Myers team recently hosted its second annual Professor Day on June 22nd and 23rd. The event brought together Gartner’s campus teams, interns, Sales and HR leadership, and faculty from universities near and far to highlight Gartner as a top-tier destination for sales internships and full-time opportunities for graduating seniors. With Gartner as the official product sponsor of the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) for 2018, the event also served as an opportunity to build relationships with key faculty members in sales and introduce them to Gartner’s products so they can prepare their students for the competition.

Faculty flew in from around the country for the event, which kicked off on Thursday with a college theme day.Photo by Brian Tietz All Gartner team members wore their collegiate attire. The faculty started the day with a tour of the Gartner Fort Myers campus, followed by presentations from Nate Swan, GVP of SMB Sales, Robin Kranich, SVP of Human Resources, and David Godfrey, SVP of Global Technology Sales. They then participated in small-group discussion sessions and a dinner and networking event at the Fort Myers Brewing Company.

Friday began with a networking breakfast that included more than 100 Gartner interns who are in the Fort Myers office for the summer. Professors received win-room simulations with sales account managers, an overview of the SOAR sales training program, and an NCSC training session to gear up for the competition and their sales training curriculums for the year.

“I was already impressed with Gartner and its possibilities for my students before attending, but those positive impressions increased astronomically as a result of the program. If I were a young sales and marketing professional looking for stellar employment and personal growth opportunities, I can say without hesitation that Gartner would be at the top of my list.” — Bonnie Guy, Appalachian State University

In total, more than 200 people participated in this event.

Photo by Brian Tietz

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