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Gurgaon Associates Bring Computer Literacy to Rural Village

April 21, 2017

Computer lab provides easier access to education

More than 500 students and their families in Dhankoli, a rural village located in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan, India, can now explore digital learning, thanks to the Gartner India Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team.

The CSR team recently completed furnishing a modern computer lab with digital teaching and learning equipment. Earlier this year, the local panchayat (village council) and the school administration invited Yunus Khan, the cabinet minister of Rajasthan, to inaugurate the lab and share this much-needed resource with the local community. The project is part of the CSR team’s long-term commitment to making a difference in its region.


“We at Gartner have been doing our bit since the past year for the betterment of the community — our way of giving back to society,” said Vijay Kumar Jamwal, Country HR Manager, India. “One of the most important things that this 1.3 billion population needs is to educate its future workforce, which may not have easy access to education.”

This reflects the prime minister’s vision of creating “Digital India,” providing access to rural areas and educating people. “Gartner is proud to be associated with this vision,” he said.

Project origins

Ram Sharma, Director, Regional Finance, India, Shailendra Upadhyay, Senior Researcher, SRS, Gurgaon, and Jaipal Singh, Researcher, Digital Markets, Gurgaon, visited the government senior secondary school Rajkiya Aadarsh Uch Madhyamik Vidhyalay, which is now Shaheed Jeevanram Khaswa Rajkiya Aadarsh Uch Madhyamik Vidhyalay. The school is located approximately 150 kilometers from Jaipur, the main city, also known as the “beautiful pink city of India.”


A glimpse of the school nominated under this CSR initiative

The school is located in a state that has a literacy rate of 66%, which is 8% points below the national average of 74%, noted Ram, and an ideal place to promote computer literacy.

Although Dhankoli village is located in one of the remote corners of Rajasthan, it is well-connected with neighboring cities via road and rail and is sufficiently equipped with adequate telecommunication infrastructure. However, the school lacked a proper facility for providing computer literacy to their students.

“In discussions with the school’s principal, we learned that Gartner could help it by providing sufficient IT resources for training students and expanding their knowledge horizon,” said Jaipal Singh.


Left, new computer lab, set up under Gartner India’s CSR initiative; right, air-conditioned lab equipped with modern IT facilities, including a TV and digital projector.​


Cabinet Minister of Rajasthan Yunus Khan inaugurating the lab

Earlier this year, when the cabinet minister attended the computer lab inauguration ceremony, he described the importance of bringing digitalization to India’s youth and thanked the Gartner India CSR team for its community-minded efforts.

The computer lab can accommodate 30 students and is fully equipped with laptops, LED television (for teleconferencing), tables, chairs, curtains, air conditioning, projector, internet connectivity and networking equipment.



The CSR team (left to right): Ram Sharma, Shailendra Upadhyay, Jaipal Singh and Vijay Kumar Jamwal

Phase two: Ensuring long-term success

The CSR team’s long-term mission includes securing an instructor and curriculum for the lab. Gartner will sponsor a full-time teacher to educate students, manage the facility and provide the team with progress reports. The CSR team will also plan to prepare monthly study materials and test modules.

“The school has agreed to conduct monthly tests and biannual computer exams of its students. The results from these tests will help us to monitor their academic
progress and ensure that our efforts are positively driven,” said Shailendra Upadhyay. “With an active teleconferencing facility, we plan to have live sessions with students and faculty on a regular basis. This will help us connect with them more frequently and ensure all our social efforts are progressing in the right direction.”

Ram Sharma said, “As this initiative grows bigger, we look forward to the entire Gartner India family for its active participation and support in this social cause.”


The CSR team inaugurating the lab (left to right): Jaipal Singh, Shailendra Upadhyay, School Principal Roopa Ram, Vijay Kumar Jamwal and Ram Sharma


CSR team member Jaipal and Shailendra interacting with school students during the initial project rollout










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