Gartner Indianapolis Engages Local Students In Hour Of Code

April 04, 2017

Collaboration jump-starts team’s local community outreach

Members of the Gartner Indianapolis team recently teamed up with the TechPoint Foundation for Youth (TPF4Y) to support Hour of Code, as part of Computer Science Education Week. With other volunteers, the Gartner team embarked on a “school take-over” at a local Indianapolis elementary school, engaging every child in an hour of coding activities.

The initiative was led by Gail Farnsley, Senior Executive Partner, ExP North, a board member for TPF4Y, whose mission is to provide out-of-school experiences in STEM, with a focus on under-served populations. Associates were assigned in pairs to a classroom.


Participants from the Gartner Indianapolis team, Hassan Abdalah, George Campbell, Josh Delucia, Gail Farnsley, David Fitzgerald, Kyle Hilgendorf, Ron Wasserman and Brian Wren.

“Our job was to walk around and let them show us what they were working on, and help them if they got stuck,” explained Gail. “The beauty of it is that even though none of us had ever seen applications they were working in before, we were still able to help, and even better, point them to classmates who had already solved their problem.”


Indianapolis doesn’t have a Gartner office, so all employees in the area work from home. “We have 15 or so employees locally, and most of us report to different organizations in Gartner, so we decided that it was time to get together to do some good in the community,” said Gail. “We met earlier in the year to discuss causes that each of us is passionate about, and landed on this as a good first project to do something as a team, get exposed to TPF4Y programs and generally jump-start our outreach efforts.”

She noted that Summer Striggs, Area Manager, and Brian Wren, Client Executive, got the group together to brainstorm ideas.

The Indianapolis team plans to support a local robotics competition in 2017, and is developing plans for other projects that they will collaborate on with some of their local clients.


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