Gartner Named Official Product Sponsor of the National Collegiate Sales Competition

Gartner, Inc. has been awarded the official product sponsorship of the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC). The partnership of Gartner, the world’s leading information technology and advisory company, with NCSC, the most prominent sales role-play competition for college students who wish to pursue careers in professional sales, will provide students with unparalleled sales training.

With this sponsorship Gartner will create a curriculum to provide college students the rare opportunity to gain real world experience in working with actual product offerings. By developing training material and access to Gartner content, Gartner will help educate and train these students with skills necessary to become future sales leaders.

“Gartner is invested in the sales education and success of the students participating in the competition,” said Nate Swan, group vice president of Sales at Gartner. “We place an emphasis on providing an environment for exceptional professional development for our associates to foster a lifelong love of learning. The foundation of this learning starts with collegiate education. That’s why we’re so excited to be selected as the official product sponsor of the National Collegiate Sales Competition.”

The mission of the NCSC is to contribute to the professionalism of the sales career by working with other university professors and industry to accomplish this mission. The NCSC is excited about working with an organization like Gartner that exemplifies the heart and spirit of what we are striving to accomplish,” said Dr. Terry W. Loe, professor of Marketing at Kennesaw State University and executive director of the National Collegiate Sales Competition.

Gartner has been a true friend and partner to the NCSC over the past five years and also to many university sales programs across the country,” Dr. Loe said. “Corporate partnerships are critical to the university sales community in developing the next generation of sales leaders. Gartner’s commitment as the official product sponsor of the NCSC will strengthen not only the value of the event, but also have far-reaching effects on the sales community for years to come.”

About National Collegiate Sales Competition

Inaugurated in 1999, the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) is the largest and oldest sales role-play competition in existence. Instituted for the purpose of enhancing the practice and professionalism of the sales profession, the NCSC’s mission remains the same. The NCSC participants come from the most elite sales programs located at universities around the world, where the exceptional education, training and faculty have collaborated to develop the next generation of sales leaders. For more information, visit

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