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Get To Know Gartner: Meet Tom Desautels

March 28, 2017

headshot 2Name: Tom Desautels

Job Title: Area Manager Europe SMB, Italy HTTP

University: Clark University

Office Location: Egham, UK

Describe your team in 25 words or less: My team is focused on one thing — winning. Winning as individuals and winning as a unit. As a leader there is nothing more motivating.

Why did you choose Gartner? I chose Gartner right out of university. The opportunity to work for a brand such as ours was very appealing. But what really sold me on working here was the fact that I would never be alone. No matter what stage of your career, at Gartner you always have someone who is investing in you and your success and is committed to helping you maximize our potential. That made coming to Gartner a no-brainer!

What was your first role at Gartner? Account Executive Americas SMB

What makes Gartner a great place to work? The collaboration with very driven and intelligent people, the professional development, and the fact that as we grow there will always be an opportunity to get involved and take ownership in new and emerging programs.

Describe your best employee. What unique qualities does he/she possess that makes them stand out? My best employees have a constant sense of urgency. No matter how things are going, they act as if the job is never done and therefore never get comfortable.

When interviewing a candidate, what are 3 things you look for? 

  • Executive presence
  • Drive
  • Past experience in overcoming obstaclesgroup

Describe your management style: I would describe my leadership style as collaborative with some participation. While my leadership vision and style is rooted in my experience with competitive athletics, I feel the same principles can be applied to leadership. I believe strongly in creating a culture of comradery, where no one is bigger than the team and every individual is working toward a common good. This can be easier said than done, especially in a sales setting, but I believe that in the unique culture of Gartner this is attainable. Having an understanding of what is driving each individual on the team will support our investment in each other and fuel this culture.

What advice do you have for members of your team, or someone considering joining your team? Do it! If you want to be a part of something special and if you want push yourself, then this is the place for you. Be warned, it will require maximum effort. But if you trust the process and follow through, it will be so worth it.

If you could describe your team dynamic in one word, what would it be? Focused

Favorite Quote or Personal Mantra: “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” –John F. Kennedy

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