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Fort Myers Raises Almost $20,000 for Hurricane Relief in Haiti

Florida Sales (SMB) and Recruiting teams come together to support Hope for Haiti

When Hurricane Matthew narrowly missed the Fort Myers area, associates quickly recognized the severity of the storm and knew how lucky they were to have been spared. After hearing and seeing some of the devastation that took place in Haiti, approximately 800 miles away, they wanted to help. They partnered with Hope for Haiti, a local charity dedicated to improving the lives of Haitian people (particularly children) that was working to save lives and help those affected by the disaster.


A strong effort

In the wake of storm, the Fort Myers Campus Cultural Committee launched a fundraiser to raise money for Emergency and Zika Prevention kits. They kicked off the donation drive at a SMB-wide meeting, sharing information about the many people affected, the challenges they were (and are) still facing, and what each donation could provide someone in need.

More than 300 associates from our sales and recruiting teams donated, ultimately raising almost $20,000 (including the Gartner Gives Charity Match).

“We knew that we we’re blessed to have been missed by Hurricane Matthew and that it could’ve easily been our community in need,” explained Shane Milburn, Account Executive, SMB and Cultural Committed lead. “Nate Swan, our GVP, was very supportive and demonstrated the commitment of leadership and Gartner as a whole. We blew through our initial goal of $8,000.”

“This was an incredible effort on the part of the SMB and recruiting teams that was entirely self-directed,” said Nate, Group Vice President of Sales in Fort Myers. “This on the heels of the Fort Myers Culture Committee Committee’s successful bake sale and food drive earlier this year, which raised $6,500 and collected over 10,500 pounds of food for a local food bank. They are doing great work.”

About the Fort Myers Culture Committee

The Fort Myers SMB Culture Committee is focused on making the lives of associates and those in the community better. The Committee focuses on three areas: Wellness, Internal Culture, and Community Outreach and Involvement.

This year we’ve taken our goals of becoming a bigger part of our community and making a lasting positive impact on our community to new levels,” said Shane. “As a group we’ve come together time and time again to not only reach whatever goal has been presented, but to overachieve and show how we care and how Gartner can give.”

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