Gartner Korea Associates Conquer the Han River — Together

headerGartner associates enjoy a day of teamwork and competition on the Han River.

Recently, Gartner Korea associates spent the day on the Han River for an annual team-building workshop. This year’s workshop theme was “We Go Together,” and its goal was to gain a deeper understanding of our core value of collaboration and apply it through activities that require working together to achieve success.

We go together

The 26 associates were divided into two groups of 13 for a morning of creative and fun team-building exercises. After lunch, the two teams got a crash course in rowing, learning basic skills, safety rules and rowing theory in order to prepare them for the afternoon’s competition. During their practice sessions, the associates struggled to maintain the balance of their boats as they moved through the water. There was a lack of synchronization and consistency among rowers. Everyone rowed at different speeds and frequencies, preventing the boat from moving forward smoothly. However, after some focus, collaboration and a lot of teamwork, the rowers were able to row their oars in harmony.

By the time the two teams faced off for the afternoon’s competition, they had both improved so much in teamwork and speed that the race was very close.3

Collaboration, balance and teamwork

“Collaboration and balance are essential in rowing,” explained Sun Woo Lee, Korea Sales RVP and event sponsor. “This activity strengthened our sense of teamwork and demonstrated how, like rowing, “growth” is a team sport.”

“Everyone enjoyed the workshop,” said Sang Min Lee, Account Executive and event task force team member. “It was a wonderful opportunity for associates to get to know one another outside of the office and a great reminder of the power of collaboration and teamwork.”

“It was a beautiful day and wonderful motivation and inspiration for all of us to work together to bring a strong close to the year,” added Cindy Koh, Country HR Manager and task force team member.

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