Gartner Associate Rosemary Knowles Shares Her Experience Relocating To Southwest Florida

In a recent interview, Rosemary Knowles, Gartner Recruiter, spoke about relocating to Southwest Florida where our Fort Myers, Florida office is located.


Besides Gartner, What was the main reason you moved to Ft. Myers (or the SW Florida region)? I really fell in love with the area. Who doesn’t love starting their day by seeing sunshine and palm trees?! The more I came down for trips assisting in our campus recruitment efforts, the more I thought “I can see myself living here.” I am an active outdoors person so I love that I can go to the beach and run outside 365 days out of the year.

Please describe what it was like to find a home in Southwest Florida? What town do you currently live in? I currently live in Estero, FL. The search for me was pretty realistic — I was moving from the Northeast and I found that I had more options in finding something to my liking down here. Almost every condo/apartment community has a pool, which is a plus. If the apartment/condo route is what you want, many places have on-site rental offices that you can walk into same day to view a unit. Also, there are a plethora of reputable real estate agents if you are looking to find a home vs an apartment. I only drive 15-20 minutes to the office every day, which is nothing compared to my old commute.

If you have a family, describe what moving to Southwest Florida was like for them: I don’t have any partners or family that moved with me. However, I will say that my parents are now considering the move to Florida after multiple visits to the area and being envious of the FL lifestyle.

What is the weather like in Southwest Florida? I prefer being warm than cold, so Florida is my ideal place. I can’t believe that I made it my entire life living in the Northeast and dealing with snowstorms. Of course the summers can be warmer with the occasional afternoon storms, but all throughout “fall and winter,” nothing beats going to the beach while everyone else is cleaning the snow off their cars. You would be surprised that it does get cool enough down here in the winter where we can wear boots and jackets. The ideal day — warm sunshine and a nice cool breeze. Last year, I even spent Christmas Day with my mom on the beach!

Since relocating, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time? I love exploring, so discovering new beaches, parks and trails is something that I enjoy. Florida has the best sunsets that I’ve ever seen. I also enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding, and I’ve recently joined a 5K running fun club. Additionally, there isimg_2322 GREAT shopping down here, with many outdoor malls and outlets. Lastly, I am a foodie so discovering new restaurants and going to brunch is a new favorite hobby.

What else has made the relocation easier, more fun, etc…? The Gartner team made the move very easy — once I met who I would be working with, I knew Fort Myers was the place for me. They have turned not just into friends, but family.

Any advice for someone who’s considering relocating for an opportunity with Gartner? Network with people in the area. There is always something to do and experience — there are a lot of things at your fingertips despite the fact that it’s not an extremely large city. Once you move, get involved as much as you can. Find local networking events, social clubs and professional organizations so that you can meet people.

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