Get To Know Gartner: Meet Dushyant Bajpei

img_1263qName: Dushyant Bajpei

University: IILM AICTE; Barkatullah University, Bhopal

Job Title: Manager, SRS (Secondary Research Services)

Office Location: Gurgeon, India

Describe your team in 25 words or less: Mine is a very dynamic team of 8 information experts who come from technical/management backgrounds. My ‘Rock Band” includes professionals with industry experience in telecom, market research and IT research.

What was your first role at Gartner? I joined as a Research Associate on the SRS team, providing information services.

How long have you worked at Gartner? My association with Gartner is now almost a decade old. My first six years as an SRS member was working as an external contractor and the past four years has been in-house as a part of the Research Support Services organization.

What makes Gartner a great place to work? Gartner is a place where people have an extraordinary expert mindset, and at the same time, a sober and genuine culture of respecting others’ views which is a rare

Describe yourself in 3 words: Analytical, sporty, and humorous.

Describe your best employee. What unique qualities does he/she possess that makes them stand out? I would consider one of my senior researchers who joined us from a syndicated research firm. He comes from a telecom background and has good analytical skills. He is thoughtful and patient at the same time, communicates well and always strives to deliver value.

When interviewing a candidate, what are 3 things you look for? A genuine and detailed-oriented approach for answering any problem statement, the ability to see a broader perspective with technology role in it, and good communication and ability to influence.

Describe your management style: My leadership approach is usually a combination of mentoring and directional mode. Mentoring when it comes to empowering my associates to take decisions and suggest changes, giving them enough room to execute their plans and have open discussions. At the same time instilling some level of discipline and dedication.

What role does your team play in Gartner’s success? Our team helps make Gartner documents more fact–based, thereby helping to improve both document quality and credibility. Also, indirectly, it helps expedite the client experience and content consumption.

Favorite Quote or Personal Mantra:  “To me success in life is peace of mind and self-contentment.”

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