Gartner Japan Consulting Featured Among Top Consulting Management Firms

Gartner consultants profiled in Gakken’s “High Performance Consultant, the Rules of Work”


Recently, Gartner Japan Consulting was featured in a specially edited book, “High Performance Consultant, the Rules of Work,” featuring high-performance consulting firms in Japan. This special edition “mook” (a cross between a magazine and a book) is a compilation of a column from Gakken’s “GetNavi” — a monthly high-tech gadget magazine read broadly by Japanese business professionals. Published by Gakken, a respected Japanese publisher known for its educational focus, “GetNavi” has a circulation of over 120,000. The mook provides a high-level explanation of the role of a consultant and gives readers pragmatic tips on how to achieve high performance in their jobs — straight from professionals who are thriving in their fields.


Gartner was one of six top management consulting firms in Japan profiled, along with companies such as The Boston Consulting Group, Accenture and PwC Consulting, describing their work environments, problem solving approaches and cultures. Gartner was recognized for its position as the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company and praised for its independence, objectivity and broad reach, with its 1,700 analysts and consultants. Gartner commanded a six-page spread that featured associates Kazuhiro Iwahama, Associate Director, Gartner Consulting (FSI); Takashi Hamada, Associate Director, Gartner Consulting (HTTP); and Jieun Yoo, Senior Consultant, Gartner Consulting (HTTP). They each provided their insights and perspective on how they approach their consulting work for Gakken “GetNavi” readers.

iwahamaKazuhiro advised readers on the importance of solving issues quickly and focusing on results in order to establish trust and strengthen client relationships. He presented different scenarios and gave examples of actions one might take to tackle each situation.


hamadaTakashi discussed how vital thorough preparation and effective information gathering are in fostering client satisfaction and how he uses Gartner’s broad and in-depth research content to help solve client issues. He explained that information gathering and synthesis is a key skill that all business professionals can benefit from, and introduced a few techniques.

yooJieun emphasized the importance of understanding the cultural differences between Japan and other countries when working on global projects. She explained how a lack of understanding can stall projects and provided readers with a few tips on how to communicate in a diverse global environment.


The three associates featured represent the quality of our consultants and the diversity of backgrounds, skills and experience that make Gartner unique. Kazuhiro is a graduate of Osaka University and a “consulting athlete” known for his excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Takashi is a graduate of Waseda University and a digital expert, and Jieun is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who speaks three languages fluently (Japanese, Korean and English).

“It is an honor to be recognized among Japan’s high-performance consulting firms,” said Charles Chun, Group Vice President, Gartner Japan Consulting. “This recognition supports Gartner’s brand in Japan and the article gives potential candidates great insight into our work environment, our culture, and the qualities we look for in our professionals.”

Congratulations to Gartner Japan Consulting for being recognized for its excellence in consulting. Special thanks to Kazuhiro, Takashi and Jieun for representing Gartner with this important audience.

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