Gartner Associate Karo Okiomah Shares His Experience Relocating To Southwest Florida

55151In a recent interview, Karo Okiomah, Gartner Recruiter, spoke about relocating to Southwest Florida where our Fort Myers, Florida office is located.

Besides Gartner, What was the main reason you moved to Ft. Myers (or the SW Florida region)? Moving to Southwest Florida was an easy decision for me. Between the great weather and beautiful beaches, it was hard to pass up.

Please describe what it was like to find a home in Southwest Florida? What town do you currently live in? I currently live in Fort Myers, actually, just down the street from Gartner! There are plenty of great neighborhoods and areas around the Fort Myers/Estero area that make it an easy and convenient commute to work.

What is the weather like in Southwest Florida? What does the best day look like? Weather in Southwest Florida is great. If you prefer sunshine and warm days, SW Florida is a great choice. It’s really hard to complain when other parts of the country are shoveling snow and we’re headed to the pool.karo-3

Since relocating, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Since relocating I have tried to explore and have found some really great things to do here. I think between finding good restaurants, beach days and playing outdoor sports, I have found a home here in SW Florida. What’s crazy to me is you can drive just a few miles down the road and see manatees in the wild — definitely not something I would find in Texas!

karo-2What else has made the relocation easier, more fun, etc? My team at work has made this such a great experience for me. Everyone is so close that they don’t feel like just coworkers. We meet up for happy hours and on nonwork days because we have become more than colleagues, we are all friends. They helped me adjust and settle in when moving to SW Florida and made me feel right at home.

Any advice for someone who’s considering relocating for an opportunity with Gartner? It’s a great opportunity. The Fort Myers area has some up-and-coming parts of town whether you are a young professional, relocating with a family or just looking for a change. There are things to do here year round, and with the strong connection within the company, you will fit right in. I might be jumping the gun here a little, but I’d like to be the first to say ”Welcome to Gartner.”

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