Gartner Associate Steven Crudele Shares His Experience Relocating To Southwest Florida

unnamedIn a recent interview, Steven Crudele, Senior Research Content Specialist, spoke about relocating to Southwest Florida where our Fort Myers, Florida office is located.

Besides Gartner, What was the main reason you moved to the SW Florida region? I actually grew up in Orlando, and I had family reside in Naples. So even though I never lived in Fort Myers specifically, it did feel like returning home when I moved to this office.

Please describe what it was like to find a home in Southwest Florida? What town do you currently live in? My wife and I live in Fort Myers about five minutes away from the Gartner office, and we absolutely love it. The Gulf side of Florida offers a much more relaxed lifestyle and incredible beaches. The central location makes commuting to everyday places extremely easy.

If you have a family, describe what moving to Southwest Florida was like for them: I personally did not have a partner or children when I moved. I was on my own when I made the decision to relocate. I would say for anyone, it’s always going to be an adjustment at first. Most people move away from friends and things they are comfortable with, but if you give it a small amount of time, it’s very easy to assimilate into Fort Myers.unnamed-1

What is the weather like in Southwest Florida? The weather is literally a screensaver; you can’t do better than Southwest Florida. Every day (just about) is sunny and amazing.

Since relocating, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Germain Arena is one of my favorite places. I am a diehard hockey fan. Going to Everblades games are a blast! Gulf Coast Town Center and the Bell Towers offer a ton of great restaurants and shops. The breweries here are the best in the state of Florida. You have an infinite number of options when you move here. There’s also really great parks and trails to run or play sports as well. I played for the Gartner soccer team last year, and it was really fun getting together with my colleagues and playing night games during the work week.

unnamedWhat else has made the relocation easier, more fun, etc…? The cost of living is perhaps the biggest advantage and incentive towards relocation. Most of the time, it can be extremely difficult moving to a new location because of a higher cost of living. The opposite is true for Fort Myers.

Any advice for someone who’s considering relocating for an opportunity with Gartner? My best advice is do whatever you believe will make you happy. Gartner in Fort Myers is booming with so many new openings and positions. There is so much opportunity for growth here, and the location itself provides a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. If these are all things that appeal to you then it’s absolutely worth considering.

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