Gartner Mumbai Associates Recharge on the River

Gartner associates celebrate a holiday together with a day of teamwork and competition.


What began as a frequent lunch table discussion among a few highly enthusiastic Mumbai associates recently turned into a full-fledged actionable plan for an outing on the Kundalika River. They chose whitewater rafting because of its challenging nature and because it requires the focus, power and teamwork that are so important in our day-to-day work here at Gartner.

mumbai-story-4A healthy competition

The group of 15 associates set out from Mumbai on the morning of Eid al-Fitr, a public holiday in India, for a scenic four-hour, fun-filled, 120-kilometer drive to Kolad, Maharashtra. Once they reached their destination, everyone was quick to get into their rafting gear, grab their oars and hit the river. The group filled two rafts, and within minutes there was an excellent display of teamwork and coordination. There was also a healthy competitive spirit as each raft tried to stay ahead of the other. The associates maneuvered around rocks and turns as they made their way down the river. Several hours later, the team put down their oars and explored the area and some of its other activities including archery, commando crossing (crossing the river with ropes) and a “Tarzan” swing.

“Whitewater rafting has been at the top of our wish list for a while now,” said Mohan Shedge. “It was a great day and the river was very rejuvenating.”

Beautiful views

After rafting and exploring the Kolad area, the group returned to their bus and headed for their next destination. Tamhini Ghat is a mountain pass known for its picturesque view, waterfalls, lakes and dense woods. The team stopped for a quick hike and to mumbai-story-3check out the waterfalls before heading back to Mumbai. It was the perfect end to an adventurous and exhausting day. The group returned relaxed and recharged.

“Although this was not a Gartner-sponsored event,” explained Nitin Shinde, “it was a great team-building exercise and an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another in a different context outside of the workplace.”

“It was great to turn an idea we’d been talking about for a long time into a concrete plan and spend time in such a beautiful and relaxing place,” said Varsha Puthran.

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