Gartner Associate Kevin White Shares His Experience Relocating To Southwest Florida

In a recent interview, Kevin White, Recruiter, spoke about relocating to Southwest Florida.

Me and KidsBesides Gartner, What was the main reason you moved to Ft. Myers (or the SW Florida region)? I have lived all over the state of Florida and the Fort Myers area is one of the nicest I have seen. You have great weather and beaches, and lots things to do (we like the breweries) without all of the headaches of traffic in a larger city. The centralized location was ideal for us because my wife has to go to Miami every now and then for work and my parents live in Orlando. You can quickly get to either city, or jump over to our international airport for farther getaways. We love to travel.

Please describe what it was like to find a home in Southwest Florida? What town do you currently live in? When we first moved here we rented a new construction house in Fort Myers that was super convenient to the office, only 10 minute drive. It was awesome because the communities down here are like resorts with amazing pools and other amenities. You feel like you are on permanent vacation.

We liked the lifestyle so much that when our lease was up we bought a new construction house a little farther south in Bonita Springs, only a stone’s throw from one of the best beaches around. With that we had to invest in some kayaks and a paddle board. We looked at several houses before purchasing, but we kept coming back to new construction and down here there are a lot of At the Brewerynew developments being built, so you can find something that meets your needs and your budget.

Describe what moving to Southwest Florida was like for your family: I am married with two children (5 year old boy – London, 3 year old girl – Olivia), and the move was very smooth for us. We came down for a house hunting trip to check out the area a little bit, and before long we had found a place to rent. Nowadays you can do a lot of legwork online or through apps like Trilia and Zillow. The only other thing we needed to take care of was finding a daycare for our children. We put them in a Montessori school since they came from that style of school in Orlando, and we liked it a lot. Since living here, they have really settled in and love their school. We really love the area, our house, and our jobs.

What is the weather like in Southwest Florida? What does the best day look like? I am not going to lie, SW Florida is hot. Florida is not called the sunshine state for nothing. I have lived here my whole life though, and I love it. To cool off you can always jump in the ocean or the pool. During the winter months you won’t want to live anywhere else. I can’t think of any other place in the world where you can go watch the sunset on the beach in flip flops in the middle of February. Because the weather is great year round you can also do lots of things outdoors. Down here, we of course have the beaches, but we also have many preserves, trails, and inlets to explore. I enjoy playing golf and tennis year round as well.

Since relocating, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time?  We have really enjoyed all of the breweries down here. I enjoy craft beer, and I was surprised at the amount of breweries that we have in the area, and more are opening every day. The one right next to my house has all sorts of games that you can play at the table, or you can get up and play classic arcade games like Pacman and Galaga. You can also bring your own Me and wifefood, and it is very laid back. It is great place to take the kids because they keep themselves busy, and the adults can relax. My two favorite breweries are Momentum and Riptide.

What else has made the relocation easier, more fun, etc? The relocation overall was very smooth, and the people at Gartner made it even easier. Everyone was so friendly and helpful with offering to help, or make, recommendations. Working for a great company with great people makes life outside of work that much better. When you come home after work in a good mood you can actually make it through the call with the cable company to setup your system.

Any advice for someone who’s considering relocating for an opportunity with Gartner? Do your research so you can be efficient when looking at places. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. You will most likely need a realtor even if you are just renting, as most places are rented out by owner.

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