Gartner Associate Karen Webley Shares Why She Loves Southwest Florida

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANpAAAAJDE3ZDllNmM5LTAxNTUtNDM2ZC1hNWYzLTNjNWY5YTYwMzIzMgIn a recent interview, Karen Webley, Senior Director of Global Procurement, spoke about her experience relocating to Southwest Florida!

Besides your job at Gartner, what was the main reason you moved to Ft. Myers (or the SW Florida region)? I’ve visited Ft. Myers in the past to go to a Red Sox spring training game and the famous beaches. I love the Gulf coast.

Please describe what it was like to find a home in SW Florida. What town do you currently live in? I live in Estero. I’m renting now while we sell our home in New York. When I do buy, I would like to stay in the Estero/Bonita Springs area. It’s only 25 minutes to work and 25 minutes to the beach, great shopping and restaurants.

Describe what moving to SW Florida was like for your family: My husband is still in New York while we sell our home, but my 22-year-old daughter, Sara, moved down with me, and the dog. She is an esthetician by trade so there are many opportunities for her to find employment in the area, either at one of the hotel spas or a dermatologist’s office. She also works at a high-end restaurant in Coconut Point and loves it. When she’s not working, she’s at the beach.

What is the weather like in SW Florida? What does the best day look like? 80 degrees and sunny. I know it gets hot and humid in the summer but it’s better than digging your car out of the snow in upstate New York.Karen Sara and David at Fenway South

Since relocating, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Explore. There is so much to do in the area, it will take us a year (or more) to experience everything. We go to the beach at least once on the weekend, even if it’s only for an hour or two. We also try to find a new place to eat on the weekend, explore the Naples scene, the waterfront and shopping centers, or go to a festival or outdoor event. We recently visited the ArtFest in Ft. Myers and the Seafood Festival on Marco Island.

What else has made the relocation easier, more fun, etc.? Now everyone wants to visit. We didn’t get many family visits in upstate NY.

Any advice for someone who’s considering relocating for an opportunity with Gartner? Give yourself time to explore neighborhoods before you buy. Where you live and the proximity to what is important to you is one of the most important factors in a home purchase.

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