Gartner Associate Kendyl Spencer Shares Why She Loves Southwest Florida

Florida1In a recent interview, Kendyl Spencer, sales support specialist at Gartner, spoke about her love for the Gartner family, and living in Southwest Florida,. Read her answers below:

What is the weather like in Southwest Florida? What does the best day look like? Gorgeous. That is what comes to mind when I think of Southwest Florida weather. I am from Indianapolis. Anywhere from 6-8 months out of the year, depending on your temperature tolerance, it is cold. It is often gloomy and rainy up there too. Down here the sun seems to always be shining, and the skies are beautiful blue. I will say that it does get hot, but I don’t mind the heat as much when I get to be in such beautiful surroundings.

Since relocating, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time? What type of places do you visit? I really enjoy spending time with my family, mostly outdoors. I am a kid at heart, so anything my nephews want to do – basketball, building something, swimming, video gaming, amusement parks, the occasional Chuck E. Cheese run etc. – I will be up for! I’ve been to the Collier County fair (runs in March), as well as a couple of outdoor concerts that have been in the area thus far. My family and I also like going to the malls – Miromar, Coconut Point, Gulf Coast town center – they’re all outdoor, and we can grab lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants. I was fortunate enough to win two tickets through Gartner for an Everblades game at Germain arena back in March. It was an exciting experience, and I’ll be looking to try and make some more games next season. I am a huge amusement park fan. Tampa is only about a two hour drive, and Orlando is about three hours, so it makes it easier to be able to get up to Florida3one of the parks maybe once a month or more if possible.

What else has made the relocation easier and more fun? Other than having my family here in Southwest Florida, everyone that I work with has made the relocation much easier. They are all very friendly and have been more than willing to offer suggestions/assistance with getting adjusted to the area since I am a new residence to the state of Florida.

Any advice for someone who’s considering relocating for an opportunity with Gartner? Dive in! I was pretty nervous about relocating, let alone starting a whole new job, but I quickly realized my nervousness was not necessary. Gartner is a wonderfully rewarding company to work for. It is full of bright, talented, extremely kind and helpful individuals.

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