Get To Know Gartner: Meet John Thompson-Haas

20160607_151553Name: John Thompson-Haas (JTH)

University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (BA), University of South Carolina, Columbia (MA)

Business Unit: Consulting Higher Education and Health Care

Why do you like working at Gartner?

The people. They are interested in everything, and at the same time are willing to support each other. Everyone seems to trying something new, learning something new, or finding something new to do. No matter how much or little time you have spent at Gartner, or where you are in the Org. Chart, you are viewed as a trusted, valued
member of the team. When I told a friend of mine I was joining Gartner, his reaction was “you are joining a team of luminaries.” He was right.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out in your role?

Be curious – everyone around you is – it is part of the culture. There is so many ways you can change and grow if you take advantage of all the information and ideas you now have access to. At the same time you will have lots of opportunities in areas that are new to y
ou. Don’t hesitate to get involved in those opportunities. Even though it may be new to you everyone will help you. Most companies talk “team” but Gartner lives it.

What part of your job do you enjoy most?20160607_151847

I love Higher Education. Getting an education changes a student’s life. It opens so many doors for them to go out and improve the world we live in. Gartner has given me the opportunity to guide our Higher Education clients through all the change that that is sweeping through the industry. When our clients succeed, their students are succeed. In this way I feel my work has a direct impact on the world around me. What more can you ask from a job?

Share a hobby you have or some fun fact about you.

Whenever possible I go standing room to the Opera. I love to read. I know the name of every dog in my building.

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