Get To Know Gartner: Meet Anna Thomas

AnnaThomasName: Anna Thomas

Title: Senior Account Executive, Sales

Time At Gartner: 11 years

What do you enjoy most about working for Gartner?

We’ve all heard it before, but the people. Some of my best friends from the past 13 years have come from Gartner. It’s great to have people you genuinely enjoy being around at work with you every day.

In what ways have you grown at Gartner?

I started my full-time working career at Gartner in 1999 as an events coordinator. I left in 2001 and returned in 2005 as an events manager. I then moved from the Events organization into Sales as a client partner in 2007, then on to an account executive in 2008, and now I’m a senior account executive. If someone had told me when I first started at Gartner in 1999 that I would be selling IT research to CIOs and looking after a portfolio of energy & utilities accounts of nearly $2M CV, I would never have believed them! My growth here at Gartner has stemmed from a myriad of different experiences — training, colleagues, managers, clients, travel — all of which have impacted my development both professionally and personally.

What do you like most about the Gartner culture?

It’s still a relatively relaxed workplace. While there is a very strong focus on high performance and professionalism, Gartner still has a relaxed and enjoyable working culture.

What impresses you most about Gartner as a company?

Even though we’re growing so quickly as a company, we haven’t lost the personal touch. You’re still known by name, and not as a number.

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