What Makes Sales At Gartner Great?


In a recent survey with Gartner associates, we asked why the Gartner sales department is the greatest and here’s what a few people had to say.

“Sales at Gartner is great because you know you are among some of the best people in the Sales profession. You are coached and developed constantly to become more, and are recognized and rewarded for doing the right things and for being a part of the company’s growth journey” said Gartner Senior Area Manager, Anthony Kolodynski.

“Sales at Gartner is great because it’s within the technology industry which is innovative, ever-changing and rapidly growing. We get to sell products and services that are critical for companies’ success and many times game changing. Being able to sell something that you truly believe in and know will enable a company to succeed is very fulfilling. Whether it’s selling to a CIO and enabling him or her to save hundreds of thousands of dollars or selling to a start-up technology provider to help them grow and become the next big name within the industry. We’re known as the best and get to work with the best” said Gartner Area Manager, Stephanie Blower.35476

“Sales at Gartner is great because not only do you have the opportunity to earn lots of money you can also achieve your personal development goals, enabling you to grow professionally and personally into the best you can be. The training you get in Gartner is the best I have experienced in my career” said Gartner Area Manager, Jean Pitt.

“Sales at Gartner is great because the sky is the limit. You can truly soar here – managing your accounts and bringing on new clients – it’s like running your own start-up business, but with the steady backing of great coaches and the necessary resources to make you successful. When you run that business well, you are heavily rewarded and recognized, without limitation” said Gartner Area Manger, Gena Eddy.

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