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Get To Know Gartner: Meet Brandon Cowen

March 10, 2016

linkedin 2014Name: Brandon Cowen

University: B.S., Embry Riddle Aeronautical University; M.S., Old Dominion University

Business Unit: Consulting

Why do you like working at Gartner?

Gartner provides the unique opportunity to provide strategic advisory for C-suite, and near C-suite level executives at the largest high-tech companies in the world. As a data scientist by background, it’s exciting to be able to leverage such a wealth of fundamental research and data while providing value from a predictive modeling perspective; and translating that information into global market opportunities. The opportunity to make a real-world impact at the world’s largest companies with your quantitative background is truly unique.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out in Consulting?

Take advantage of the wealth of social and material knowledge of the firm. Socializing with professionals from your functional team, the greater consulting practice, and our highly knowledgeable analysts will not only make your client engagements more successful, but really accelerate your personal and professional growth in the company and industry. You really are in a uniquely great position to grow!

What part of your job do you enjoy most?

The part of my job that I enjoy the most is working with fun and very accomplished people from all sectors in industry and just having access to a wealth of information. It’s unlike working at any other consulting firm.

What is your favorite hobby to do when not at your job?

I love to play beach volleyball on the National Mall to wind down from work and make new friends – it’s not abnormal to find a ball in my cubical! Another random fact, I did R&D in the aerospace sector for supersonic research before transitioning to consulting. If you have interesting predictive modeling related opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out!