Meet Gartner Consultant Simma!


Name: Simma

University: Cornell University, B.S. & MHA

Business Unit: Healthcare and Education Practice, Consulting

Why do you like working at Gartner?

“Why” I do what I do is incredibly important to me. Through Gartner, I have been able to pivot my career and explore a whole new industry that is meaningful to me, K-12 Education. The team welcomed and mentored me, helping me learn the ropes in a short period of time. Now I am plugged into some of the largest, most innovative districts in the U.S. that are changing their strategies and operations to personalize learning for each student. I have an emotional connection to my work and truly believe we are positively impacting the learning of a whole generation of students — while also having a great impact on Gartner’s results and reputation in the market. In 2014, I partnered with three districts that collectively serve over 600,000 students — those numbers don’t lie!

What advice do you have for someone just starting out in your role?

Embrace lifelong learning! At first, I was totally intimidated by the 20+ years of experience many of my team members boasted. However, it didn’t take long to realize that the qualities that set these team members apart had little to do with their past, but much more to do with their inquisitive nature along with their deep interest and enthusiasm for what they do. My advice is to be forever curious and meaningfully explore the topics that interest you. When you fill your inbox, Twitter feed, book list, and conference cycle with what interests you, the knowledge you gain every day will directly translate to being a better consultant and trusted advisor to your clients.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

Digital transformation hits every industry at a different velocity. Right now it is tearing through K-12 education. Many of my recent projects have fallen in “uncharted” territory — client questions and needs we have never seen before. My favorite part of this job is problem-solving with and across teams of consultants, client partners and research analysts: whiteboarding, theorizing, collaborating — and a whole lot of trial and error. We leverage Gartner’s proven frameworks, strategies, data-driven insights and research to solve client issues in innovative, yet realistic ways.

Share a hobby you have or some fun fact about you

Nothing keeps me centered and focused like a good yoga session. One of my favorite parts of traveling to new cities is exploring new yoga studios. I discovered an absolute gem of a studio down in Houston and have since invited (dragged) all of my team members to join me in class. Nothing like bonding with the managing partner on a project in downward dog at 5:45am! Namaste!

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