Top 5 Tips for New Stamford Associates and Interns


Here are five quick tips for new associates and interns working at Gartner headquarters in Stamford. We hope they make your opening weeks more enjoyable and help you feel at home:

  1. Take advantage of the free on-site gym! Save money on that gym membership and work out here instead. There are plenty of cardio and weight machines, free weights and mats for stretching/yoga/core exercises. Gartner provides towels, and the locker rooms have showers stocked with soap and (in the women’s locker room) hair dryers.
  2. Free fruit in the morning. Let’s be real, you never want to turn down free food, so go downstairs to the cafeteria in the morning and get your free piece of fruit!
  3. Sit and walk outside! Gartner headquarters is located right on Long Island Sound, and there are some really awesome views to enjoy. To get to the outdoor picnic tables from the cafeteria, walk straight down the hallway past the coffee bar toward building 70. (Beware of hissing geese — yes, I was hissed at once.) If you eat outside, go for a walk after. It’s a great way to take a break if you’re having a hectic day.
  4. Don’t sweat it if you forget your badge. Get a temporary one in minutes! Badges are required not only to get access to the building, but also to the cafeteria, the gym, the elevators — really anywhere outside of your immediate work area. If you accidentally leave yours at home, simply go to the reception desk in Building 56 and sign out a temporary badge for the day.
  5. Make sure you get to know the people around you. They’ll be your greatest resource throughout your time here and will be great contacts to keep for the future. You can also meet other associates from all across the business by attending a Gartner Toastmasters Club meeting or joining the club. Ask your HR representative for information on this. Making these personal and professional connections is best perk of working at Gartner.

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