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Cameron Haight
Research VP
10 years at Gartner
30 years IT industry

Cameron Haight is a research vice president in Gartner Research. His primary research focus is on the management of server virtualization and emerging cloud computing environments. Included in this effort is… Read Full Bio

Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Magic Quadrant

by Cameron Haight  |  June 29, 2015

While we’ve kicked off the work on the next APM Magic Quadrant exerise (more on this later), I wanted to pass along information on some of my colleague’s efforts with respect to the work on the latest NPMD MQ. There will be some changes for this year’s version of the Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics […]

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Bringing in the Science

by Cameron Haight  |  March 25, 2015

Recently I was made aware of a change in jobs by someone I know within the industry and have great respect for – Nicole Forsgren. Formerly a professor of MIS and Accounting at Utah State, Nicole now has a new role where she is the Director of Organizational Performance and Analytics at Chef. I first […]

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Recent Research on DevOps and Web-scale IT

by Cameron Haight  |  March 17, 2015

Prior to my assuming coverage of APM, I had several notes in process on DevOps and Web-scale IT that needed completion (note: I am not giving these areas up entirely – I will still continue to write on them as time permits). Last week while I was out on Spring Break with the kids, they […]

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APM Technology Needs to Provide More Joy

by Cameron Haight  |  March 3, 2015

So, I’ve been at my new role for about a month now and I’d like to share with you some observations that I’ve made with respect to the APM marketplace. In my conversations with many of the leading APM providers, I’ve seen some improvements in product integration, scale and in some cases, usability, since my […]

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Dear APM vendor

by Cameron Haight  |  February 10, 2015

Dear APM vendor: As I step back into covering the application performance monitoring market, I’d like to try to optimize the time during our discussions (particularly briefings). So with that in mind, I offer the following suggestions for your consideration: Please don’t just iterate through (multiple pages of) the litany of problems that exist within […]

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Back to the Future

by Cameron Haight  |  February 3, 2015

As some of you know by now, my colleague Jonah Kowall (@jkowall) has announced that he is leaving Gartner for an opportunity in the vendor community. When this was announced internally, I was approached by my team manager to see if I might be interested in taking Jonah’s place in covering APM as I used […]

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Re-visiting The Phoenix Project

by Cameron Haight  |  January 14, 2015

Last year, I created a list of books that I really wanted to read. Today, that list numbers over 90 books that cover a wide range of IT-related topics. I had already crossed off The Phoenix Project as I read it shortly after it’s publication, but the novel is one of those rare books that […]

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Getting Your Arms Around DevOps – DevOps Patterns and Practices

by Cameron Haight  |  October 13, 2014

I receive lots of inquiries from our clients around the subject of “what is DevOps?” Their interest goes beyond needing a simple definition to wanting to know what constitutes it. After much searching, I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so I developed the graphic below awhile ago that I now use in […]

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Open BigCloud Symposium and OCP Workshop 2014

by Cameron Haight  |  May 4, 2014

The University of Texas at San Antonio will be hosting the first annual Open BigCloud Symposium and OCP Workshop later this week. I’ll be there talking about the impact of DevOps. Good to see academia partnering with industry to advance cloud, Big Data and DevOps concepts.

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UTSA Open Compute Lab

by Cameron Haight  |  February 28, 2014

Last week, as part of my Web-scale IT research, I visited the Cloud and Big Data Laboratory at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). I met with Paul Rad (Director, The University of Texas at San Antonio Cloud and Big Data Laboratory and Vice President of Open Research at Rackspace), Professor Rajendra Boppana […]

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