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Keys to Building a Successful DevOps Culture

By Cameron Haight | November 03, 2022 | 17 Comments

I decided to have a little fun presenting some information in a non-traditional Gartner format.  The reason that I chose this topic is because I still see organizations that are pursuing a DevOps program focusing more on things like YAML than on what is usually the biggest stumbling block, i.e., the now cliched term culture.

However, while it may be a cliche, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a continuing challenge.  So, I decided to come up with another “acronym” that hopefully might help enterprises to remember to focus on this critical element of DevOps.

I’d very much like to hear your views on:

  1. The derived “acronym”
  2. The guidance offered
  3. Format usefulness

Many thanks and looking forward to any feedback that you might want to offer.


Note: bonus points if someone can find one small inconsistency in the animation (hint: it has to do with one of the characters).

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  • TJ Vatsa says:

    Insightful thinking Cameron on emphasizing the CULTURE aspect from a different perspective. I could see flavors of OKRs as well as some DEI. Well done!

  • Great animation Cameron. Something really fresh in the DevOps world!

  • Excellent!! Easy and fun method for getting important information out there. And easy to remember since the key to DevOps success is culture. So many time I explain that using a ‘DevOps’ targeted tool does not make the organization a DevOps organization. This will be very useful moving forward. Well done.

  • Henrique Cecci says:

    Great work, Cameron! I loved the format. Informative, fun, and engaging!!!
    DevOps Culture is a super relevant topic these days, congrats!

  • Dale Vecchio says:

    You get the record for one of the l-o-n-g-e-s-t acronyms I’ve heard in a l-o-n-g time!! Dare I say your description could be applied across many aspects of IT, and not just devops! I must admit I’m a bit surprised to see Gartner use these cartoonish like things. I’ve always hated them and fought again them, BUT, that doesn’t change the importance of your message. Just my personal opinion on these cartoon things. I don’t mind animated graphics or infographics, but animated characters never excited me. I DO give you credit for trying different things though!!! 🙂

    • Cameron Haight says:

      Bet you remember it though … right? 😉 Seriously, I appreciate your feedback and I’ll look into seeing how these might done a bit less cartoon-ish! Many thanks …

  • Hassan Ennaciri says:

    Great job Cameron, I love how you took one of the top challenges organizations run into when trying to scale DevOps ie culture and squeezed all the keys to success from the term itself.
    Love the delivery as well.

  • Federico De Silva says:

    Nice one Cameron, a different way to communicate the importance of known, but often ignored aspects of implementing successful practices.

    Regarding the bonus points, it seems like you decided to comb your hair after the intro 😉

    • Cameron Haight says:

      Thanks Fede! And regarding the bonus points, you are correct (note: I had to edit my initial response). Yes, my hair was parted differently at @ :23 and then switched back in the next scene (@ :32)! Not by design, but, thought I might make it like a little “easter egg” when I was reviewing the final version. Many thanks!

  • Really important messaging here with a simple, concise and friendly way to do it. Well done!

  • Chris Saunderson says:

    Simple, concise, fun!

    Now get it on Tiktok!