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Marketing Ops: A New Spin on Process Refinement

By Camden Jones | August 22, 2019 | 1 Comment

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At Gartner for Marketing, we help identify the key challenges marketing leaders face and recommendations to address them. Refining standardized processes through frameworks alongside trial & error is how marketing teams approach many strategic planning challenges to this day.


While this approach yields positive results, it also exhibits a key flaw: sub-optimal adaptability.  Marketing activity cycles are accelerating and leaders don’t have the luxury to see out failing strategic approaches.  How then can marketing functions reconcile to optimize performance improvement?


The answer? A dedicated marketing operations group.


A 2019 Gartner survey found that 68% of respondents have a discrete/dedicated marketing ops team.  


Another recent Gartner survey finding indicated that 53% of marketing leaders were looking to add marketing ops leaders to their teams.



Gartner defines marketing ops to include process optimization and governance as a key function within the broader set of marketing ops activities.  Consider these related goals for your team:


  • Proactive versus reactive – a strong understanding of the functional capabilities to ensure less effective marketing processes aren’t repeated


  • Metrics tracking to support functional impact –  monitor and understand how activities impact performance in customer focus, transformation, and the bottom line


Marketing ops functions that do both effectively are in the minority (especially metrics tracking).  However, as marketing leaders increasingly prioritize expanding the working responsibilities of their ops groups we can expect what’s new to become the norm.


Below are some recommended Marketing Ops research (a Gartner for Marketing Leaders’ subscription is required to access full reports):

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