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CX, EX and NPS … Oh My!

By Bruce Robertson | May 09, 2016 | 0 Comments


The press picked up some themes I discussed in a recent presentation for a Wisconsin USA based CIO community group conference called CIO Fusion.  They picked out interesting quotes for sure.

Net promoter score a useful IT tool for honing customer-centric design
(TechTarget May 2, 2016, by Nicole Laskowski)

This was a version of my “X Factors” keynote from the London Gartner Business Transformation & Process Management Summit around the same time.

What are those X Factors?

  • CX — Customer Experience
  • EX — Employee Experience
  • PX — Process Excellence
  • TX — Technology Excellence
  • AX — Agile Experimentation

Perhaps the most interesting thing the article picked up on was the idea of using Net Promoter Score ideas for IT’s own process or service customer measurement.  As an example, ask if you would recommend someone else, maybe even a friend, to come work in your firm’s IT department?  If people in your IT shop answer yes to this, you must be making their employee experience (EX) something they think is worth recommending. Nice job!  If not, what would it take to get that to happen?  How can you improve the employee experience, and then of course also improve the IT department’s “customer” experience (CX)?

I’ll be discussing all of these X Factors in more depth at our Business Transformation & Process Management Summit in Sydney Australia June 20-21, 2016.  This will be in three sessions:

  1. Connecting Process To People
  2. Does Your Customer’s Process Matter?
  3. Bimodal Business Transformation: Changing Everything Including Change

I do hope to see you down under, but no worries if you can’t make it.


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