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Simplicity Is Not Overrated – It’s Misunderstood

by Brian Prentice  |  August 24, 2010

Last week Gartner launched our special report on Application Overhaul (a Gartner subscription is required). There are a number of different facets to this research – how to strategize, modernize, rationalize, standardize, govern and simply the application portfolios managed by enterprises today. I’m the guy working on the simplicity workstream. So, I thought I would […]

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Oracle v. Google: This One Could Get Interesting

by Brian Prentice  |  August 13, 2010

Ho hum, another day, another patent infringement suit. I’m becoming de-sensitized. And we all know the cycle by now. File infringement action, issue press release, enter cone of silence while negotiations take place, work out cross license agreement, issue press release, provide no further detail. But with news of Oracle’s patent and copyright infringement action […]

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Abolish Software Patents? Be Careful What You Wish For

by Brian Prentice  |  August 8, 2010

Having just read two recent articles on why software patents need to be abolished, I thought it would be worth pointing out that there’s something a whole lot worse. Trade secrets. To be clear, I have no disagreement with the underlying principles of the anti-software patent argument. I share the view that innovation must be […]

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Sorry Google, No Participation Awards In The Grown Up World

by Brian Prentice  |  August 5, 2010

Has anyone else noticed these days that you can’t have a competition for children and only reward the top achievers?. Apparently, handing out ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place can negatively effect the self-esteem of all the other kiddies. So everyone gets a special award for participation – even if they failed miserably or […]

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