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In 2014, Enterprise Architects Must Play Both Foundational and Vanguard Roles

By Brian Burke | January 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

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Gartner’s survey of more than 2,300 CIOs highlights the need to respond to the dual goals of effectiveness and digitalization. CIOs understand the need to build digital leadership, but 42 percent don’t feel they have the talent for a digital future. According to Gartner VP and Fellow Dave Aron, “2014 will be a year of dual goals: responding to on-going needs for efficiency and growth, but also shifting to exploit a fundamentally different digital paradigm. Ignoring either of these is not an option.” To succeed, CIOs will need bimodal capability, to manage traditional IT, while exploiting non-linear digitalization opportunities.

The bimodal capability will be critical to the enterprise architecture teams. In 2013, we predicted “By 2016, 30% of global organizations will establish a clear role distinction between foundational and vanguard enterprise architects.” Enterprise architects will be challenged to develop the talent to deal with the non-linear digital future, while effectively managing the current estate at the same time. Developing these talents within the EA team will be critical to chief architects, and sourcing these talents externally remains a challenge. The 2013 Mercer Gartner IT Workforce Practices Survey reports that data architects and enterprise architects are the most difficult positions to recruit.

The shift to bimodal capabilities is top of mind as Betsy Burton and I plan the agendas for the EA Summits for 2014. The theme for the 2014 EA Summits is, “Lead Change and Deliver Business Outcomes in Today’s Digital Economy.” The summits will address the challenges and disruptions that enterprise architects will face as we move into the digital industrial economy. We will look at how trends like big data, gamification, smart machines and the internet of everything will drive the need for enterprise architects to digitally remaster the business.

Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summits 2014

May 21 – 22  |  London, UK

June 4 – 5  |  National Harbor, MD

I hope to see you there.

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