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Have you Ever Wanted to Be More Involved in Gartner’s Research Process?

By Bob Gill | September 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

I’m sure you’ve read research and thought, “it would be great if Gartner wrote about my interests, my concerns and my opinions”. Of course, through your inquiries and interactions with analysts, you are creating content and helping steer the research process.  But how about being directly involved? Are you getting everything out of your membership that you can?

Gartner’s Research Circle is a free-to-join online community, that provides an opportunity to not only join your peers and Analysts in forum discussions, but allows you to participate in short, role-specific surveys. These surveys are often looking into hot research topics, breaking news, or emerging trends. In other words, it focuses on timely topics. And…you do not have to be a Gartner Client to participate!

Why would you want to take a Research Circle survey? Because it allows you to gain first-look access to the actual survey results, as well as original content and analysis that emanates from these results.  Your answers are anonymous, and the surveys are targeted to your role. It is as if you are at a Gartner conference and participate in audience polling, with the bonus of more in-depth questions, access to the data, and summaries of the results.

How do I get involved?  It is fast and easy! Just go to for a description, and instructions to join.    We hope to see you there!

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