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An Over Emphasis on Innovation?

by Hank Barnes  |  March 14, 2017

Technology is all about innovation.  It is almost impossible to find any tech or service provider that does not tout their ability to innovate. Innovation is exciting, new and different....

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Understanding Your Customer's Perspective - Think "Whole Context"

by Hank Barnes  |  August 2, 2016

It is important to remember that each of our world views is skewed by our own perspective.   In marketing and sales, this can lead to a distorted sense of...

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Think "Whole Product" when defining Digital Business Moments

by Hank Barnes  |  May 19, 2015

When Geoffrey Moore wrote Crossing the Chasm, it was an instant classic.  Not a week goes by where I don't hear clients talking about we need to "cross the chasm"...

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Link Themes to Increase Memorability

by Hank Barnes  |  February 4, 2014

A short post this week, building on ideas of storytelling and differentiation. Imagine that you have something totally new and different for the market.  You go out and talk about...

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