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Social media versus knowledge management

by Mark Mcdonald  |  May 9, 2013

What's the difference between the two? On the surface they sound very similar, particularly for someone who had had experience with knowledge management.  Both involve people using technology to access...

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Social media is revolutionary, but it has a missing middle

by Mark Mcdonald  |  June 11, 2012

Social media is literally revolutionary, as we have seen in Tunisia or Egypt and figuratively in our daily lives. Creating environments where individuals to come together, share information and coordinate...

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Technology > IT

by Mark Mcdonald  |  January 16, 2012

Technology is becoming more important than IT.  Now that may sound strange, after all what is the difference between technology and IT.  For years the answer was, not much.  Corporate...

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Why social media is not enough to become a ‘social organization.'

by Mark Mcdonald  |  October 18, 2011

Talk about social media and people like to talk about the technology, the tools, the applications as if that is all that is required to become a social organization.   If...

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Every organization is social, but few are social organizations

by Mark Mcdonald  |  October 10, 2011

Organizations consist of people. How well the organization works depends on how these people interact and work together generally along either hierarchical or process lines.  These lines define how the...

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Welcome to "The Social Organization"

by Mark Mcdonald  |  October 3, 2011

Personally we have never been more social.  Online we use social media to connect with friends, share ideas, mobilize support and express our selves. Professionally we remain socially isolated behind...

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The Social Customer: a Book Review

by Mark Mcdonald  |  September 8, 2011

The Social Customer is the best book I have read about executing social media in marketing.  That is a strong statement, but after reading more than a dozen books on...

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It's time to start talking about the 'middle office'

by Mark Mcdonald  |  March 30, 2011

Many people think of a business as consisting of a front office, which markets, sells and serves customers and a back office that fulfills demand and handles operations.  The dichotomy...

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Book Review: The Dragonfly Effect, a good place to start for people who are new to social media

by Mark Mcdonald  |  February 21, 2011

The Dragonfly Effect is recommended as one of the better books to discuss how social media works and to get advice on how to think about your own initiative. The...

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How do you know that you need a wiki?

by Mark Mcdonald  |  November 1, 2010

There's a lot of talk and experimentation regarding social media tools in enterprises.  The other day was talking to an IT leader who shared the following story. He was in...

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