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Luck, Serendipity, and the Contextual Strategist

by Mike Rollings  |  December 27, 2011

Recently, @davegray @tetradian @nickmalik and I (@mikerollings) had a brief twitter exchange about the role of luck in strategy. What is luck anyway? Isn't it just a happy accident, an...

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Fight inertia and resurrect entrepreneurs

by Mike Rollings  |  July 18, 2011

All organizations at some time in their history have experimented, gained knowledge, and operationalized it – experimentation is synonymous with entrepreneurialism. Entrepreneurs test many theories as they launch an idea....

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Taylorism - A Pox upon Agile

by Mike Rollings  |  April 11, 2011

This past Thursday my colleague Kirk Knoernschild pointed out a blog post by Alistair Cockburn about Taylorism creeping into the world of agile. Alistair’s post ignited a discussion within Gartner’s...

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Watson: Impressive Finding not Thinking

by Mike Rollings  |  February 14, 2011

National Public Radio (NPR) seems to wake my imagination.  This morning they had a story about IBM’s Watson. Watson is IBM’s computer that is squaring off against two Jeopardy champions...

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A life out of control

by Mike Rollings  |  January 19, 2011

So many things in our life are governed by the idea that we can control the outcome.  Take strategy as as an example.  For years strategists have operated under the...

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Creative destruction: A Lesson in Innovation

by Mike Rollings  |  October 20, 2010

I have several creative friends.  Some are musicians, some photographers, one a playwright, and one friend in particular (Tim) is a performance artist.  Tim’s art comes in many forms.  He...

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Blinders: Better to be Curious than Certain

by Mike Rollings  |  October 11, 2010

Certainty restricts an organization’s vision about the future and limits the range of expression required for a co-creative environment.  Like a blinders for a horse they prevent an organization from...

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Uncertainty is the key that opens a closed mind

by Mike Rollings  |  August 23, 2010

Two weeks ago I wrote that organizations must Invest in the new secret weapon: Humans to unleash innovation, hypothesis generation, investigation, imagination, initiative, and calculated risk taking.  Part of this...

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