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"Reactive Uplifts are a Force for Good..." - Discuss

by Rob Addy  |  March 24, 2012

Last time we looked at a support premium uplift that I currently consider to be wrong on a variety of levels. This time I will explain why I believe that...

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Escaping the Product Support Quicksand

by Rob Addy  |  March 11, 2012

Do you remember what your life was like before you got a handle on managing the day to day trials of running a product support function?  Well many people are...

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Communication Creates Calm, Confounds Critics and Cements Customer Confidence...

by Rob Addy  |  February 10, 2012

Sometimes things go wrong. It's not inevitable but it happens. How one deals with it when the proverbial brown stuff hits the proverbial fan is one of the ways in...

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Crack Dealer Rehabilitation - Part 1

by Rob Addy  |  January 24, 2012

It's been almost a week now and my login credentials are still active. Better still, I have not yet been dragged from my bed in the middle of the night...

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The Red Kipper flies at midnight!

by Rob Addy  |  January 20, 2012

...Shsssh! Don't tell anyone, but "they" have inadvertently given me a login and password for the Gartner Bloggers Network. Not too sure who "they" are exactly but whoever they are...

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