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Making The Most Of Media Consolidation

by Eric Schmitt  |  June 20, 2018

Anyone within a country mile of digital ad buying is well aware that Google and Facebook wield formidable influence over the industry. But even those in the business are sometimes...

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Proving the Value of Marketing to the Enterprise

by Marc Brown  |  June 4, 2018

Marketing leaders have a wide array of metrics to gauge marketing effectiveness. But more metrics don’t necessarily mean better insights into marketing performance. Marketing leaders need to let go of...

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On Content Measurement and Vendors: CMWorld 2017

by Kirsten Newbold  |  September 12, 2017

Conferences impressions are shaped by our biases and curiosities. Going into this years’ Content Marketing World, I was keen to hear what the best and brightest were doing – particularly...

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Information Maturity (Waaaaaaah!!!)

by Doug Laney  |  December 7, 2016

OK, the state of information maturity—how well organizations monetize, manage and measure their information assets—may not be worth throwing a tantrum over (or "spitting the dummy" for those you Down...

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Do People Really Care About Measurable ROI?

by Hank Barnes  |  November 1, 2016

Like my post on targeting, I worried about this title.   Of course ROI is important.  We want to get value from our investments. But in many cases, tangible, measurable...

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The ROI of Social Media: Still a Lack of Measurement

by Jenny Sussin  |  November 23, 2015

Guys, seriously? I've been conducting a lot of reference checks of late, searching through the case studies of vendors in the space, and talking to Gartner clients about what it...

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10 Digital Marketing Metrics Your Competitors Probably Aren't Using (Yet)

by Martin Kihn  |  October 15, 2014

Happy hump day, marketers! (Or, as I'm noticing European-themed clients increasingly saying, markeTEERs!) Today at 10am Eastern and again at 12noon my colleague Julie Hopkins and I are hosting a...

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Measure What Matters -- But What Matters?

by Martin Kihn  |  September 27, 2013

If you're a digital marketer, you can't escape the dreaded dashboard: that one-page report hoisted up the chain of command each week with the same trend lines and bar graphs....

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Accounting's big problem according to Archibald.

by Thomas Otter  |  February 23, 2009

Though your balance-sheet's a model of what balance-sheet should be, Typed and ruled with great precision in a type that all can see; Though the grouping of the assets is...

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The Recession Marketing Dialog

by Andrew Frank  |  October 24, 2008

I’m not a historian, but I’m pretty sure that in ancient Rome, whenever the economy took a dive, all across the land CFOs and CMOs would meet and argue about...

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