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Debunking the Myth - Software Asset Management and the Cloud

by Stephen White  |  November 20, 2018

Why Cloud Services are an Asset In various quarters I’ve heard and occasionally read a number of comments about the discipline of asset management as being incongruent with cloud services....

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What do software vendor audits really cost you?

by Victoria Barber  |  March 9, 2015

The removal from IBM's audit clause of the undertaking to carry out the audit in a way that 'minimises disruption' to the customer's business activities is currently provoking a great...

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Do you know what software is being delivered with your hardware?

by Victoria Barber  |  February 23, 2015

Organisations with ITAM fully integrated into procurement process should be confident that they have details of all OEM installed components and their licensing. The Superfish incident indicates that this is not...

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Why you need ITAM, not just SAM

by Victoria Barber  |  March 21, 2014

Surely it's obvious? Software cannot exist without hardware. So if you don't know what hardware you have, where it is, what it is used for, and by whom, then how...

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So can SAM really save me money?

by Victoria Barber  |  February 28, 2014

Is it something to do with the time of year? A response to the extreme weather some of us have been having, or rising energy levels in anticipation of spring?...

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Are you suffering from the SAM skills shortage?

by Victoria Barber  |  February 17, 2014

I've had a number of discussions recently with clients who are trying or planning to recruit Software Asset Managers. Even those who use service providers for much of the SAM...

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Do you really know where your software compliance risks are?

by Victoria Barber  |  February 4, 2014

Many organisations start their approach to SAM not by asking 'Where do I start?' but "What vendor(s) do I start with?". This is the wrong question (the first one is the...

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What happens to hardware and software when people leave?

by Victoria Barber  |  January 17, 2014

I'm shocked how many people tell me they don't know what happens to hardware and software when people leave their organisation. We know that in some instances employees get to...

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New Year's Resolutions I Wish IT Departments Would Make

by Victoria Barber  |  January 3, 2014

Reducing risk and cost could help make your company more profitable, and the impact on the bottom line may result in an impact on your salary or bonus – in...

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Remembering Titanic and a Few Lessons Learned

by Gayla Sullivan  |  July 26, 2012

This year, on April 15th, we acknowledged the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of Titanic in a variety of ways.  We remembered, with reverence, the lives lost on that...

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