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A New Federalism for Technology – a model made for a world demanding global growth and control

by Mark P. McDonald  |  February 25, 2013

Strategy connects with structure and structure influences strategy.  The relationship between the two drives organizations to re-align, re-distribute and re-organize, all except for IT.  According to the 2013 Gartner CIO...

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Tii or T2i or Ti(squared)

by Mark P. McDonald  |  September 20, 2012

Technology, innovation and information (Tii) how about that for the name of a re-imagined IT organization?  It's a response to the question what should IT be called in the future?  I...

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It is time to think small when thinking of IT

by Mark P. McDonald  |  July 13, 2012

Please enjoy this prior post on the nature of the IT organization.  IT trends and transformations over the past decade have been driven by a common theme: reducing cost.  CIO-led...

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What is the single best metric for demonstrating IT business impact?

by Mark P. McDonald  |  July 11, 2012

If John Stuart can take a hiatus, why can't I.  Please enjoy this prior post on the best metric for IT. The issue of demonstrating the business value of IT...

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Lightening the depths of shadow IT

by Mark P. McDonald  |  March 22, 2012

Shadow IT is IT activity that occurs outside of IT.  Shadow IT is growing in many organizations driven by consumerized technology, mobility, the availability of cloud solutions and quite frankly...

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Is your CFO qualified to oversee IT?

by Mark P. McDonald  |  March 19, 2012

There is a renewed discussion of the CIO reporting relationships.  It is a discussion that is sure to generate debate as who you report to is important both personally and...

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Amplifying the role of the business analyst

by Mark P. McDonald  |  January 30, 2012

What is one of the hottest roles in IT?  What is the role that is in demand and will play a critical role in the future? I believe it is...

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Thinking Small about your IT organization: Mosaic vs. Monolith

by Mark P. McDonald  |  October 7, 2011

The IT organization structure is more than boxes in an organization chart.  The IT organization and the decisions it contains have a significant influence on IT performance, capability and process. ...

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Developers do not want a job, they want a role

by Mark P. McDonald  |  September 19, 2011

Are young developers leaving your company?  You know the ones who you have hired in the last few years with skills in developing web services, web sites, mobile apps etc. ...

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A ‘both – and’ strategy is has no imagination only more work

by Mark P. McDonald  |  July 7, 2011

One of the reasons CIOs face the need to re-imagine IT is that most companies are pursuing a dual track strategy calling for growth and cost cutting.  These two goals...

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