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Do you have a ticking time-bomb in your Network?

by Andrew Lerner  |  May 19, 2017

This is a guest blog from Mark Fabbi Since February 2017, a growing number of network and security vendors have published field notices or confirmed that some product lines have...

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Algorithm Patents Increased 30x The Past Fifteen Years

by Doug Laney  |  October 24, 2016

Recently at Gartner we have been researching issues surrounding the ownership and legal protection of a company's information assets and analytic models. Since information can be legally protected only via copyrights (in...

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Oracle Hardware - No, The News is Not Good. (Yet.)

by Merv Adrian  |  December 31, 2014

As an information management software analyst, I don't spend a great deal of time looking at hardware, but when I look for a more holistic view, I occasionally check in...

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Hadoop 2013 - Part Four: Players

by Merv Adrian  |  March 8, 2013

The first three posts in this series talked about performance,  projects and platforms as key themes in what is beginning to feel like a  watershed year for Hadoop. All three are reflected in...

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Toshiba's Experiment in Ultrabook Marketing

by Angela Mcintyre  |  July 9, 2012

The Toshiba “medical test subject” ad is edgy, a bit gross, and caused a stir.  From the buzz, viewers remember Toshiba after seeing it.  Yet, the  images and portrayal of...

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Microsoft Uses Brick and Mortar to Build the Brand

by Angela Mcintyre  |  May 9, 2012

“Most people don’t know Microsoft sells PCs,” is how James at the Microsoft Store responded to my initial surprise at the layout of their new store. Microsoft has 19 retail...

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Waving to the Screen

by Angela Mcintyre  |  September 20, 2011

      One of the computing trends from the Intel Developer Forum 2011 in San Francisco was the use of Microsoft Kinect as a platform for controlling electronics with gestures. The...

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IDF Highlights New Approaches to Reduce Healthcare Costs

by Leslie Fiering  |  September 16, 2010

This is a guest blog from Angela McIntyre, a research director in Gartner’s Client Computing Markets team. While not a headliner at IDF 2010, the topic of healthcare definitely deserves...

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Sandy Bridge Improves Graphics Performance in Line with Growing Market Requirements

by Leslie Fiering  |  September 16, 2010

This is a guest blog from Christian Heidarson, a principal analyst with Gartner's semiconductor industry team. The tagline for the 2010 IDF event was “Visibly Smart”, communicating the major leap...

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Classmate PC: Bringing Computers and Learning Software in the Classroom

by Leslie Fiering  |  September 15, 2010

This is a guest blog from Annette Jump , research director, and Lillian Tay, principle research analyst, in Gartner’s Technology and Service Providers Research group. During IDF, Intel announced the...

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