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Contracts, conferences, comedy and the cloud.

by Thomas Otter  |  October 29, 2012

Continuing my attempts to bring Shakespeare into as many posts as I can.... Let specialties be therefore drawn between us, That covenants may be kept on either hand. (Taming of...

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Amsterdam. HR Tech Europe.

by Thomas Otter  |  October 16, 2012

Amsterdam.  The city that inspired one of my favourite songs of all time. Lloyd Cole and Commotions. Lost Weekend.  (Thanks to for the photo.) Rather than a lost weekend, I...

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Data Scientist – Mystified

by Svetlana Sicular  |  June 29, 2012

Companies are desperately seeking mysterious creatures — data scientists. Some people claim to have seen them in LinkedIn and Target. Perhaps, those were encounters with data scientists from LinkedIn that...

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Not just for journos. Poring over data, and a bit of Google’s HR practice.

by Thomas Otter  |  March 28, 2011

My regular reader(s) will probably know that I’m a fan of the Guardian newspaper and its on-line efforts.  It does a fine job with data, both in terms of sourcing...

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Innovative recruitment practice

by Thomas Otter  |  February 15, 2011

Atlassian is an Australian software vendor, active in the social software and developer tools space. I’ll leave the product evaluations to folks like Nikos Drakos, Tom Austin and Jeff Mann...

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Evil HR lady nails it. Bring on the math(s) and stats.

by Thomas Otter  |  July 7, 2010

I read many HR blogs, and one of my favourites is the Evil HR lady. She blogs a much of her HR stuff on the BNET site. I have been...

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HR Tech: Chicago.

by Thomas Otter  |  May 7, 2010

I'm looking forward to this event. Most of the events I go to are single vendor events, but this one is different. It is the event that brings most of...

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Recruitment Like It's 1999

by Jeffrey Mann  |  March 8, 2010

I can tell that I haven't taken a long flight or train trip recently, because I haven't blogged in a while. That's when I get the most reflective. In the...

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Industrial action impacts high tech companies too

by Thomas Otter  |  December 17, 2009

Thinking of strikes, it is easy to imagine coal miners, railway workers and automobile assemblers with shop stewards quoting Trotsky, Gramsci and Marcuse, and brandishing a well worn copy of...

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