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from the Gartner Blog Network R.I.P.: Long Live Cloud Storefronts!

by Andrea Dimaio  |  December 4, 2012

With a rather sudden decision the General Services Administration (GSA) decided to discontinue the first cloud storefront deployed by a government organization. was launched by former CIO Vivek Kundra...

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Gartner Symposium: Should Government CIOs Strive for Consolidation?

by Andrea Dimaio  |  September 17, 2012

A few days ago the acting administrator of the US General Services Administration addressed the Senate announcing further consolidation activities for budget, technology  and human resource management. In particular GSA...

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Digital Government Strategies Should Focus on What to Do and Not How to Do It

by Andrea Dimaio  |  June 18, 2012

I do live in Italy and I do work for a US company, spending most of my professional time with US colleagues and clients. They are very different countries, with...

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Why Its Chief’s Resignation Should Make GSA Proud

by Andrea Dimaio  |  April 3, 2012

I was shocked yesterday when I received a news alert about Martha Johnson’s resignation over excessive spending for a training conference near Las Vegas in 2010. According to news reports,...

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The Emerging Government App Store: IT Public Procurement Nirvana?

by Andrea Dimaio  |  March 29, 2012

Over the last couple of weeks I have had numerous conversations with government executives and IT leaders about cloud computing, open source, shared services, software reuse. These are all different...

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A Year in Review: Top Ten for Government 2.0 in 2011

by Andrea Dimaio  |  December 27, 2011

For the third year in a row, here is my (absolutely personal) top ten in the area of government 2.0 and government innovation in general.  This ranking is my own,...

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The US Federal CIO Leaves: Has Government Run Out of Innovation Fuel?

by Andrea Dimaio  |  June 16, 2011

Over the last few days there have been two prominent IT professionals have announced that they will be leaving the Federal government. Last week, Sonny Baghowalia, who has been leading...

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Obama’s State of the Union Sets the Bar Higher for Information Technology

by Andrea Dimaio  |  January 27, 2011

The US President made his second State of the Union address on January 25th (see full transcript from New York Times), touching both on what his administration has accomplished and,...

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A Year in Review: Top Ten for Government 2.0 in 2010

by Andrea Dimaio  |  December 28, 2010

As I did last year, I decided to share my personal top ten in the area of government 2.0 and the likes. Once more, I am following the tradition of...

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