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One, hundreds, thousands digital champions won't solve the problem

by Andrea Dimaio  |  November 30, 2014

Italy has recently joined other European countries that have named a so-called "digital champion". The individual chosen for this task is Riccardo Luna, a former sport journalist who has a sharp interest...

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Italian Elections Prove that Bricks and Mortars Are Alive and Kicking

by Andrea Dimaio  |  March 1, 2013

Many commentators have been discussing about the outcome of the last Italian elections, held a few das ago, which resulted in a tie between the two major coalitions (center-left Democratic...

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Could Governments Run Out of Patience with Open Data?

by Andrea Dimaio  |  January 15, 2013

Yesterday I had yet another client conversation – this time with a mid-size municipality in the north of Europe – on the topic  of the economic value generated through open...

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Hurricane Sandy Confirms the Tactical Nature of Social Media

by Andrea Dimaio  |  October 31, 2012

Like many natural and man-made disasters before it, Hurricane Sandy has shown once again the power of social media to keep people informed, to coordinate rescue efforts and ultimately save...

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Why Bother If Social Media Communities Die?

by Andrea Dimaio  |  October 24, 2012

Earlier this morning I had a session on “Should Social Media Be Enterprise or Personal Tools” at Gartner Symposium in Orlando, where I made the point that social media endeavors...

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Why Government Should Care Less About Open Data and More About Data

by Andrea Dimaio  |  October 22, 2012

Among the flurry of activities and deja-vu around open data that governments worldwide, in all tiers are pursuing to increase transparency and fuel a data economy, I found something really...

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UK Government’s Bold Move on Digital Identity Is A Wake-Up Call for Many

by Andrea Dimaio  |  October 4, 2012

Today I read one of those news I have been waiting for for a long time. According to The Independent: The [UK] Government will announce details this month of a...

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It Is Time for Industry, Government and Consumers To Get Serious About IT Ethics

by Andrea Dimaio  |  October 4, 2012

(WARNING: this is an unusually long post for my blog. However I want to set the foundations for a dialogue and new line of research, and I hope my reader...

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Governments Could Go Out of Business: What Should Technology Do?

by Andrea Dimaio  |  July 25, 2012

People have been following with a moderate sense of worry the financial crisis unfolding in Greece and other European countries, Despite how dramatic the situation has become in Greece, many...

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