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Nigel’s Back! (And this time it’s “Personnel”)

by Rob Addy  |  August 6, 2012

Most support providers suddenly get squeamish when I ask them what they are doing to actively reduce the internal IT operations labour requirement for their customers. They stare at their...

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Product Support: Fifty Shades of Grey?

by Rob Addy  |  July 9, 2012

Damn, it was stiff. He applied some lubrication to aid his entry. Muscles twitching from the strain, he grunted from his exertions. She was being difficult. But her resistance only...

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Premium Support – The Only Premium is the Price!

by Rob Addy  |  April 27, 2012

Premium support offerings should deliver, and be seen to deliver, premium value.  Unfortunately, many don’t. The product support service value proposition is based on 4 foundational elements: Mitigation of the...

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Customer Advocacy is Nice. Product Advocacy is Much Nicer.

by Rob Addy  |  April 18, 2012

Products are lifeless inanimate things. How they are used determines the amount of business value that they deliver. Helping customers to use their products better is essential if they are...

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Are Extended Support Fees Immoral and Indefensible?

by Rob Addy  |  March 18, 2012

Requiring customers to pay an uplift for extended support is obscene. Or so some would say. Certainly on the face of it, extended support offerings do look less than good...

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Gartner’s Product Support Maturity Scale Version 2 has arrived!

by Rob Addy  |  March 14, 2012

Sequels are inherently risky. Will it be “The Godfather Part 2” or “The Godfather Part 3”? Is it more of an “Empire Strikes Back” than a “Phantom Menace”?  Yes, sequels...

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Support is Trendy Once More

by Rob Addy  |  February 23, 2012

Support is rad. It's hip. It's cool. It's very very trendy... Quite literally in fact. For the first time in over 4 years, Gartner has just published a Market Trends...

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Love is... Never Having to Say You're Sorry

by Rob Addy  |  February 14, 2012

Reactive support is... always having to say you're sorry. Saying you're sorry is one thing. Being sorry and basing your future actions upon a desire to ensure that your partner...

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Prediction Provides Questions; Not Answers

by Rob Addy  |  February 6, 2012

December 2012 marks the end of a time period in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Some believe this is because the world will end. Unix time ends on Tuesday, 19th...

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The Joy of Self-Assessment

by Rob Addy  |  January 28, 2012

According to the UK government; “Tax doesn’t have to be taxing”. But I guess they would say that, seeing as they require millions of UK taxpayers to do the paperwork...

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