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Successful OTT deployments are built around these 6 principles

by Ted Chamberlin  |  October 17, 2018

Its very interesting to see that deployments of OTT platforms usually next to traditional broadcast or PayTV platforms continue to increase in pace as many content outlets look to jump...

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That Christmas Kindle has Strings Attached

by Jay Heiser  |  January 4, 2013

We’ve recently moved house, and my collection of books, many of them heavily marked up with multi-colored highlights, Post-Its, and bookmarks, remains something of a storage issue.  Over the last...

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Data without Borders: DRM as a consumer lock-in mechanism

by Jay Heiser  |  November 9, 2011

I have to wonder how many consumers truly understand that when they are paying money for rights-managed content that they have locked themselves into the future of a specific vendor.  At...

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DRM, Copy protection, Copyright Law and Consumers

by Mike McGuire  |  October 1, 2008

 What an interesting confluence of events this week. . . If anyone ever needed proof of the notion that lawyers are the only stakeholders making money on the analog-to-digital/physical-media-to-digital transitions...

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