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Worth a bookmark — Senvol’s comprehensive database of 3D printer specs.

by Pete Basiliere  |  January 13, 2015

Whether a buyer, researcher or investor, Senvol’s tool (@Senvol; will be particularly useful to you. UPDATE 25 August 2015: According to the company, "The Senvol Database, which is the first and...

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Link round-up

by Lydia Leong  |  June 1, 2009

Recent links of interest... I've heard that no less than four memcached start-ups have been recently funded. GigaOM speculates interestingly on whether memcached is good or bad for MySQL. It...

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Oracle Logo on Racks?

by Andreas Bitterer  |  September 25, 2008

With yesterday’s announcement of the Oracle Exadata Storage Appliance, Oracle essentially became a hardware vendor… well, sort of. With the help of their friends across Highway 101, Oracle leverages HP...

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Oracle in the cloud... sort of

by Lydia Leong  |  September 23, 2008

Today's keynote at Oracle World mentioned that Oracle's coming to Amazon's EC2 cloud. The bottom line is that you can now get some Oracle products, including the Oracle 11g database...

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