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That Christmas Kindle has Strings Attached

by Jay Heiser  |  January 4, 2013

We’ve recently moved house, and my collection of books, many of them heavily marked up with multi-colored highlights, Post-Its, and bookmarks, remains something of a storage issue.  Over the last...

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Megaupload and SaaS Escrow

by Jay Heiser  |  February 15, 2012

Other than some analysis and speculation about how the takedown changed traffic patterns without actually reducing global piracy, and regular reports about the legal status of Kim Dotcom, the Megaupload drama...

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SLA feather allows you to fly in the cloud

by Jay Heiser  |  November 17, 2011

In the Disney cartoon Dumbo, a misfit elephant discovers that his ears are so large that he has the ability to fly.  Lacking confidence in this unusual capability, he is...

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Uh, oh, Mumboe! You have 2 weeks to get your data

by Jay Heiser  |  November 2, 2011

Gartner has heard from several sources that SaaS-based contract management application provider Mumboe told their customers last week that they have 2 weeks to pick up their data before their...

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Quake demonstrates value of old technology

by Jay Heiser  |  August 25, 2011

Tuesday afternoon, I was using my cell phone on a conference call when my chair started hopping up and down.  I never lost my phone connections, but text messages were...

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Are you the SaaS Scapegoat?

by Jay Heiser  |  July 5, 2011

I get a never-ending stream of questions that usually amounts to something like "What control tasks do I need to do to be sure that this SaaS service we are...

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Yes, Virginia, there are single points of failure

by Jay Heiser  |  May 30, 2011

The Commonwealth of Virginia has recently announced that they have settled up with their service provider, Northrup Grumman, over an incident last year that apparently brought down 3/4 of state...

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SaaS Translation: What your Service Provider REALLY Means

by Jay Heiser  |  May 23, 2011

After 25 years in high tech, I've seen a lot of hype, but some of the misleading verbiage that I'm reading these days still disappoints me.  Its not surprising that...

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How long does it take to reboot a cloud?

by Jay Heiser  |  May 10, 2011

Commercial cloud  computing raises two significant disaster recovery issues: What is the cloud provider’s ability to recover their own services? What is the enterprise’s ability to obtain an alternative to...

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Diversity is nature's way of managing portfolio risk

by Jay Heiser  |  May 9, 2011

Is it really possible that a single attack can simultaneously impact 100,000,000 people?  Multi-tenancy truly gives new significance to old concerns about monoculture risk. The IT security community has long...

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