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The Absolute Truths of Technology Marketing

by Hank Barnes  |  October 8, 2019

As marketers seek to contribute to company growth, they often look for truths--what are the things that we absolutely have to do.  In the past, I've had a few things...

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The Most Frustrating Things for B2B Buyers

by Hank Barnes  |  March 5, 2019

As followers of this blog know, we believe that B2B Buying is really, really hard.   In theory, it shouldn't be.  There is more competition.  Access to information is easier.   And...

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Want to Create Greater Customer Centricity? Start with Customer Language. (Part 2)

by Augie Ray  |  January 9, 2019

In part one of this blog post, we explored how the language of marketing and business pervades our work lives and discourages the customer centricity our organizations seek. For example, at...

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Product Marketing, Solutions Marketing, or Industry Marketing - Which is Right for You?

by Marc Brown  |  October 17, 2018

Humans have been sharing and communicating through stories, through pictures scrawled on cave walls to tales passed from generation to generation to digital narratives found on social media today. Well-crafted...

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Types of Content Required to Generate Demand for Tech Start-Ups

by Christy Ferguson  |  October 1, 2018

More often than not, start-ups acquire customers by leveraging the network of the leadership team.  But scaling the business requires generating demand for new products through formal product launch programs....

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Content Marketing Success Requires Forward Thinking

by Marc Brown  |  September 22, 2018

Content marketing leaders are seeking better ways to maximize their content marketings impact. And, no matter how creative, memorable, or popular your content may become, every piece you create and publish will ultimately...

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Are You Getting The Most From Your Content Marketing Investments?

by Marc Brown  |  August 2, 2018

Content marketing leaders need to optimize and scrutinize their content marketing activities, getting the most from their investments. Unfortunately, many teams are not succeeding and falling into the Trough of Disillusionment (see...

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How Marketing Can Help Improve Sales Efficiency?

by Marc Brown  |  July 13, 2018

You might be asking yourself why would marketing be focused on sales efficiency? Isn’t this something that sales management and sales should be worrying about – analyzing and developing improvement...

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Exploring New Marketing Mediums To Drive Better Engagement

by Marc Brown  |  May 29, 2018

As a marketing leader, how do you successfully explore new marketing mediums – both content type and channel – to improve your digital marketing program effectiveness? This is an ongoing...

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Tips for Reducing Content Marketing Costs

by Marc Brown  |  May 1, 2018

Welcome to yet another year of more content, more buyer's journey talk, and more customer experience need – all dependent on compelling and informative content. Seems like every industry and niche...

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