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Gartner Symposium: Should Government CIOs Strive for Consolidation?

by Andrea Dimaio  |  September 17, 2012

A few days ago the acting administrator of the US General Services Administration addressed the Senate announcing further consolidation activities for budget, technology  and human resource management. In particular GSA...

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Why Government IT Consolidation May Be Doomed

by Andrea Dimaio  |  March 9, 2012

Yesterday I spent the whole day with government clients in a European country where there is an aggressive plan to consolidate infrastructure across several departments. This is one of the...

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Why Bother With Government IT Consolidation?

by Andrea Dimaio  |  November 17, 2011

I am getting close to the end of the Gartner Symposium in Gold Coast and a few conversations with clients have been about shared services and consolidation. Australia has quite...

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A Grim Picture About Government IT in Most of Europe

by Andrea Dimaio  |  October 4, 2010

Over the last two weeks I have been visiting Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden, meeting a fair amount of clients in each country. With the notable exception...

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More IT Centralization May Not Be The Best Route to Cost Saving

by Andrea Dimaio  |  October 1, 2010

As reported by Information Week, the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a law to improve the state’s IT infrastructure and make it less expensive. the law aims at...

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Japan Gets Its Cloud's Name Right: Do You Know What Kasumigaseki Means?

by Andrea Dimaio  |  July 8, 2010

During my very interesting visit to Japan I had a chance to visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), which is responsible – among other things – of...

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Against Government IT Centralization

by Andrea Dimaio  |  December 8, 2009

Over the last several years we have witnessed a move towards greater consolidation and centralization of IT assets and IT-intensive processes across several jurisdictions. Some of these have taken the...

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When Cloud Computing May Hamper Server Consolidation

by Andrea Dimaio  |  July 9, 2009

In a discussion with several people from  an agency in a US jurisdiction, I was asked whether cloud computing can help IT consolidation. Digging a bit, I found out that...

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