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Did you really mean to say that?

by Carol Rozwell  |  December 17, 2015

I’ve been attending a multi-day meeting via video conference. What’s become apparent across a series of presentations is how much we rely on militaristic language to convey our thoughts and,...

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Please don’t call me “human capital”

by Carol Rozwell  |  April 22, 2013

Have you ever been in one of those situations where it was very clear the person you were speaking with wasn’t listening to you? A simple example of what I...

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The Month of Thinking Differently

by Carol Rozwell  |  August 30, 2012

This has been a month of thinking differently. I've been working a maverick research project with my colleague Deb Logan. We've been delving into the characteristics that epitomize a socially...

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As A Wise Man Once Said . . .

by Carol Rozwell  |  July 19, 2012

Some days it’s really, really fun to be an analyst. You get to talk to such interesting people – and it’s part of your day job. What could be better?...

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Musings on Recent Gartner Summits

by Carol Rozwell  |  March 23, 2012

Every time I come back from a Gartner Summit - in this case two of them: Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit and the Customer 360 Summit - I am energized...

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Social Media Doesn't Change Business Basics. But.

by Carol Rozwell  |  December 6, 2011

It's interesting how so many client inquires are initially described as questions about social media, but then really turn out to be variations of more traditional issues like collaboration, knowledge...

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KM, Schma-em

by Carol Rozwell  |  November 4, 2011

Any Gartner analyst knows that interest in particular topics waxes and wanes, sometimes for discernible reasons and sometimes we don't know why. This week's topic was knowledge management, or as the aficionados call it, KM. The...

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Spontaneous Social Adoption

by Carol Rozwell  |  August 18, 2011

In an earlier post Beware: The Seduction of Social, I commented that the "provide and pray" approach for social technology doesn't work. While working on the Business Gets Social scenario...

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Recap of the Social Media Webinar

by Carol Rozwell  |  July 15, 2011

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar titled "Taking a Strategic Approach to Social Media" (link to the replay) with Anthony Bradley. I'll summarize some of the major...

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Successful Projects Make People Successful

by Carol Rozwell  |  July 11, 2011

After a bit of a holiday break, I’m back from the Gartner PPM Summit. Is was my first attendance at one of these events and I quite enjoyed talking with...

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