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How to Get Your CEO to Embrace Digital Risk Management

by John A. Wheeler  |  October 19, 2017

As a CIO, you want to sit down with your CEO to discuss her new plan to implement cloud-based software. You’re concerned about security risks. But after some back and...

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Why CMO Don't Want to be the CEO

by Jennifer Polk  |  September 21, 2017

“If everything is important, then nothing is.”              Patrick Lencioni The scope of nearly every role, not just marketing, is expanding in all different directions. Even the janitor is tasked with...

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CEOs: before calling for more digital innovation - answer 3 essential questions.

by Mark Raskino  |  December 16, 2015

Issuing a vague call for more digital innovation without thinking how your people are likely to respond to it, could do more harm than good. Listen above or read below, the...

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Is the CMO the CEO’s Heir Apparent?

by Jake Sorofman  |  August 6, 2014

A lot can be learned by observing the changing of the guard. Often, behind the dignified theater of it all is a much more chaotic reality. As power shifts, as...

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One Simple Way to Get Your CEO to Embrace Risk Management

by John A. Wheeler  |  May 28, 2014

Why do most CEOs or other senior business executives cringe at the thought of having to meet with risk management professionals? By their very nature, CEOs are hard wired to...

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Can Marissa Mayer Restore the Yodel?

by Allen Weiner  |  July 16, 2012

Keeping a secret is a mighty task in a time when whispers are heard ‘round the world but Yahoo pulled one off by naming Google executive Marissa Mayer as its...

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Hiding reality from your CEO -- a sign of weak management

by Mark P. McDonald  |  December 5, 2011

I was at a large conference recently and I noticed a very helpful ad hoc tool a team had developed.  The tool was a list of people and rooms taped...

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How you would hope every Board Chairman and CEO would talk about IT

by Mark P. McDonald  |  August 23, 2010

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of working with the IT leadership team of a $20 billion global company.  I was the guest of the CFO and CIO. ...

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Employees First, Customers Second a book review

by Mark P. McDonald  |  May 26, 2010

Vineet Nayar’s Employees First, Customers Second (EFCS) is a first person CEO’s account of the transformation of their enterprise.  The book is a refreshing and frank look at the challenges...

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Are you providing the CEO with the best script for IT?

by Mark P. McDonald  |  January 6, 2010

It's the season for kickoff meetings where executives and their teams review their achievements in 2009 and communicate the strategy for 2010.  A common feature of these meetings is the...

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