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Is a cloud safer than a mattress?

by Jay Heiser  |  December 1, 2011

I heard a story on the radio today about an old man who had donated an overcoat to charity, forgetting that one of the pockets contained his life savings. It...

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Are you the SaaS Scapegoat?

by Jay Heiser  |  July 5, 2011

I get a never-ending stream of questions that usually amounts to something like "What control tasks do I need to do to be sure that this SaaS service we are...

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Yes, Virginia, there are single points of failure

by Jay Heiser  |  May 30, 2011

The Commonwealth of Virginia has recently announced that they have settled up with their service provider, Northrup Grumman, over an incident last year that apparently brought down 3/4 of state...

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Diversity is nature's way of managing portfolio risk

by Jay Heiser  |  May 9, 2011

Is it really possible that a single attack can simultaneously impact 100,000,000 people?  Multi-tenancy truly gives new significance to old concerns about monoculture risk. The IT security community has long...

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Butterfly Wings and Nuclear Bombs

by Jay Heiser  |  May 6, 2011

Both Google and Amazon have recently experienced software failures that led to prolonged downtime. This downtime wasn't due to a hardware failure, it wasn't due to natural disasters,  or terrorist...

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Sticky Wikis

by Jay Heiser  |  December 9, 2010

Wikileaks has become the world's most visible and newsworthy user of cloud computing.  Its current situation provides some useful enterprise lessons on the unique attributes of digital information. 1) Digital...

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Its 11PM, do you know where your data is?

by Jay Heiser  |  April 7, 2010

Every evening for several decades, a number of American television stations announced that it was 10pm, and asked the public service question "Do you know where your children are?"  Anyone...

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