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7 years of lean, IT’s time in the innovation desert is over

by Mark Mcdonald  |  November 7, 2012

In the Bible Joseph’s interpretation of Pharoh’s dream predicted that Egypt would see seven years of fat, good harvests and plentiful food followed by 7 years of lean times, poor...

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Welcome to the first day of the rest of 2012

by Mark Mcdonald  |  September 4, 2012

It's the day after Labor Day in the U.S. and the semi-official end of summer.  Financially it is the last month of the third quarter.  It is also the first...

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Living in Appland

by Mark Mcdonald  |  May 7, 2012

Appland exists where the availability of technology solutions exceeds your organizations business capability.   Technology becomes greater than IT in Appland as commercially accessible technologies create new innovation and advantage opportunities...

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Living in Gapland

by Mark Mcdonald  |  May 2, 2012

The relationship between IT functionality and business capability sets the context for technology in a business.  The prior post "Technology, IT and business in the lands of Apps, Gaps and...

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Technology, IT and Business in the lands of Apps, Gaps and Equilibrium

by Mark Mcdonald  |  April 30, 2012

Take a step back and consider the fundamental assumptions behind IT and it become easy to see IT’s current challenges and future failures.  One of those assumptions is the relationship...

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CIOs express their interests at the 2012 CIO Leadership Forum in Phoenix

by Mark Mcdonald  |  March 26, 2012

After an inspirational story of leadership and building high performing organizations by Pete Goss, the CIO leadership forum kicked off with opening sessions that concentrated on the theme of Amplifying...

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Amplifying with Technology: first day thoughts and survey results from Gartner’s 2012 CIO Leadership Forum – London

by Mark Mcdonald  |  March 6, 2012

Today is the main kick off of Gartner’s 2012 CIO Leadership Forum in London.  More than 270 CIOs and IT leaders have come together to work on the issues facing...

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Welcome to the 2012 CIO Leadership Forum: Europe in London

by Mark Mcdonald  |  March 5, 2012

Tomorrow represents the official start of the 2012 CIO Leadership Forum in London.  More than 200 CIOs from across Europe are converging on the Sofitel at T5 in Heathrow for...

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Find your human middleware

by Mark Mcdonald  |  March 2, 2012

Where is your human middleware?  Every organization has it, but few people see it for what it is – a sign of distortion.  I first heard the term ‘human middleware’...

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A tool for assessing technology's amplification of your strategy

by Mark Mcdonald  |  February 8, 2012

Amplifying the enterprise is the theme for this year’s CIO agenda reflecting the expanding role of technology in the enterprise and its role in raising the power of enterprise strategies...

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